Matsuya R&D, developer of AI-Sewing Robot and Automatic Sewing systems, is your sewing-Automation Partner

Growth Strategy

Matsuya R&D is a company handling challenges from 50 & 100 years in the future, today.

  • Developing Medical-Use Stitching Robots

    Developing Medical-Use Stitching Robots

    With the increasing necessity for remote-medical care, surgical robots will become a thing of the norm and the possibility of having robots conduct suture procedures is growing. We aim to develop a Medical Suture Robot using our automatic sewing technology and make this a reality for all.

  • Advancing the Infection-Prevention Field

    Advancing the Infection-Prevention Field

    Apart from our Production of and automatic sewing devices used for isolation gowns, nurse-caps & Infection-Preventative Suits, we have also developed medical cotton-swab manufacturing systems while providing a new domestic supply-chain to meet the growing domestic market’s requirements.

  • State-of-the-art Wearable Equipment

    State-of-the-art Wearable Equipment

    As we enter the 5G era, our access real-time data about our biological trends has become the norm. Seeing great potential in the wearables, we are actively pursuing growth in this sector.

  • AI Sewing Robot

    AI Sewing Robot

    Matsuya R&D offers a solution for the developed countries that struggle to keep their sewing manufacturing in-house and local. While the sewing manufacturing world has been slow to develop and sewing-automation presents high barriers to overcome, Matsuya R&D utilizes its image processing and AI technology to overcome these issues. We strive to offer advanced 3D cutting and fully autonomous sewing solutions to give companies the freedom to produce goods when and where they want.

  • Advancing Labor-saving Tech in Production Lines

    Advancing Labor-saving Tech in Production Lines

    We are tackling current issues such as the reducing number of capable workers and production-rates that don’t meet market demand by developing an autonomous production line that handles everything from receiving and handling materials, cutting & sewing all the way to the final inspection and dispatch.

  • Airbag Safety Systems for Drones

    Airbag Safety Systems for Drones

    With the expansion of drone use and the passenger drones preparing to enter the market, creating safety systems to assure the safety of others is as a paramount issue to tackle. Here at Matsuya R&D, we are developing inbuilt airbag-safety systems for these drones that will play important roles in the lives of mankind to come.

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