Company Outline

Company Name
Matsuya Research and Development
7 August 1982
Listed Market
Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth (securities code: 7317)
Head Office/Factory
20-1-2 Kuwakake, Ono, Fukui 912-0071 Japan
305,619,600 yen (as of November 30, 2021)
Company Representative
Hidetaka Goto, Company president, CEO
Board Members
Company president, CEO
Hidetaka Goto
Company vice-president, COO
Masashi Nakano
Executive managing director, CFO
Koichi Matsukawa
External board director
Yutaka Sasaki
Full-time corporate auditor
Shoichi Tanaka
External corporate auditor
Mitsuhiro Nishikimi
External corporate auditor
Keigo Urushima
Corporate Operations
Development, manufacturing and sales of sewing system of the automotive safety systems.
Development, manufacturing and sales of laser cutting machines along with the Manufacturing of cuffs for blood pressure monitors, Production of car seat covers, etc.
Number of Employees
1,440 (as of the end of March 2021)
Overseas business locations: 3 places (China: Shanghai, Vietnam: Dong Nai, Myanmar: Yangon)
Subsidiary in Japan: 1 place (Miyagi prefecture: Kurihara)

Company Philosophy

To contribute to humanity by improving science and technology through Safety & Medical Healthcare.

Business Goals

As a leading company in the Japanese version of Industry 4.0 through the development of AI Sewing Robot, the company will promote the return of the sewing industry to Japan and contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Corporate Operations

  • Automatic sewing machine

    Automatic sewing machine business
    Core technology

    • Full-automatic high performance sewing machines
    • Automatic silicone pasting machines
    • Large laser cutting machines
    • Other sewing related peripheral devices
  • Cuff for blood pressure sensor

    Sewing OEM production business
    High quality and low-cost production using our core technology

    • Cuffs for Blood Pressure Monitors
    • Strap
    • Car seat cover
    • Airbag cushion

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Acquisition of ISO 14000


Environmental management and auditing standards

Environmental management and auditing standards