We offer a one-of-a-kind value as the leading company for sewing automation by utilizing our robot and IT software technologies.

Matsuya R&D has been growing while expanding our business areas, by utilizing our automation know-hows cultivated in the apparel industry for a long time. One of our main businesses is the automation of sewing. We pursued the cutting-edge technology with inbuilt AI as a core and promoted automatic manufacturing of airbags or car seats in Europe and Asia. We have promoted sustainable growth by building an automation line with our own technologies, not just manufacturing robots or automobile parts.

As a part of our efforts, we enhanced our research and development system to realize our strategy which is planned in our headquarters at the Matsuya Innovation Center (MIC) in Vietnam. Now, we are focusing on the development of new technology for both the new fields of medical healthcare and safety departments, such as 3D sewing, wearable healthcare devices, or airbag for drones for which automation was previously difficult to realize.

In the sewing contracting business represented by the sewing of cuffs for blood pressure monitors, which has more than a half of the world market share, we are globally expanding production with our own business model in which customers purchase a facility. We were listed on TSE Mothers in April 2020 to promote proactive M&A by targeting business sectors which may have large effects by introduction of automation. As such, while aiming to return our production bases to Japan based on the Japanese Industry 4.0, we will expand our sewing automation with the AI technology from Ono in Fukui to all over the world.

Company president, CEOHidetaka Goto