Matsuya R&D has 3 “Can Do-s”Sewing Robot & Automatic Sewing Machine R&D

We make systems that capable of automating everything; even 3D sewing

Matsuya, a world forerunner with the development of a robot designed to automize sewing production, has the experience and ability to design and develop software for all kinds of sewing-manufacturing lines. We are here to answer all of your questions; What kind of production line do I need? How long would the production time be? Our consulting caters to all of your automation needs. From conception and design, we provide total support for our our clients with the best sewing robotics for the job.

Sewing system using a double-arm

We will make “Made Locally” sewn products a reality through our high-production & labor-reducing systems that reduce the need for manual labor.

Our Automatic Machines are a solution to the current extreme labor shortage and a way to stabilize productivity. Our automatic machinery can compete with foreign production rates for sewn-products and allow you to produce your products, locally.

Automatic sewing machine


A 3D Sewing System using our Robot

  • A 3D Sewing System using our Robot
  • A 3D Sewing System using our Robot
  • A 3D Sewing System using our Robot

Successes in the Development and Production of Sewing Robots

Our Dual-Arm 3D Sewing Robot System featuring a 2-Needle Overlock Sewing machine.

Our 6-Axis Robotic 2-Needle Overlock 3D Sewing System

Automatic Sewing Machine Operations

We have over 30 years of experience in the precision sewing machine industry and possess excellent automation and energy-saving technology along with many patents. This allows us to greatly contribute to the improvement of our clientele’s productivity.

The only company that handles all production processes, from cutting to sewing.

  • Cutting

    Laser cutting machine

  • Welding

    Silicone pasting machine

  • Sewing

    Various high end automated sewing machines

  • Inspection

    Folding machine, air leak detection device, etc.

We also provide a wide range of other original, specially designed Matsuya R&D machines.

With our wide range of products at an excellent value, state of the art technology, and outstanding quality born from over 30 years of experience, we have made many achievements in the airbag & seatbelt production-machinery sector.

  • High Functionality
  • High Quality
  • Cost Responsiveness

Developed and Produced Automatic Sewing Systems from our Catalogue

Actual Introduction Records by Industry

  • Luxury Sports Shoes

    Luxury Sports Shoes

  • Luxury Bags

    Luxury Bags

  • Our Automatic Denim Sewing-Line

    Our Automatic Denim Sewing-Line

  • High-Class Leather Covers for Smartphones

    High-Class Leather Covers for Smartphones