In 1980s

Our business originally focused on developing operations based on simple automatic sewing machines for the apparel industry.

In 1990s

Our business model changed to center around the SS industry (airbags, seatbelts manufacturing devices, etc).

In 2000s

With our new production-contract for blood pressure monitors-use Cuffs, we began moving our operations overseas.

In 2010s

As market demands for labor saving, easy-handling production which produces consistent quality increased, our production-contract operations increased to include car seats and airbag as our second and third core products in our line-up. We also began strengthening our ability to answer the industry’s growing need for automated sewing technologies.

In 2016s

We began the Development, Manufacturing and Sales of our Double Arm Sewing Robot line.

In 2020s

We listed our company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, “MOTHERS” Section The, started research and development of the next generation automatic sewing machine at MIC and began manufacturing and selling our anti-infection isolation gowns